Executie Services and business solutions

If you deeply desire to turn your projects into reality; Savalo Consulting will help you

  • Clarify your goals by coaching & advising
  • Accomplish the business plan you always wanted to accomplish
  • Changing the way you think or worked beofre to accomplish your goals in an effective way

Savalo Consulting will act as an owner in its own company with the greatest respect for the people working there.

  • Going that extra mile to change or grow the company
  • Connect you with people/companies that will lift your business that one step higher

Knowing what it is to start from scratch, guiding you step by step towards your goals.

Executive Services & Business Solutions

Sabine van Lommen

A creative and dynamic personality with a keen interest in IT technology and marketing; several years of experience working in industry leading global IT companies in office management, business development and channel management positions; co-founder and owner of Digital Vision, a leading vendor in digital printing solutions for the European market.

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